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Introducing Conoto

The ultimate solution for managing your personal and professional relationships.

Are you tired of struggling to remember the little personal and professional details that make all the difference in your interactions with others? Say goodbye to the frustration and inefficiency of using complex, expensive, and unreliable CRMs or contact apps.

Conoto is an offline-first app, ensuring that your data is private, safe, and secure. It's lightning quick, with no need to connect to the internet or load heavy files. With the optional free backup and synchronization feature via Apple iCloud, you don't have to trust any other company but Apple.

A central location for all your contacts, including more details than any other app, such as physical and personality traits, notes, todos/reminders/action items, and relationships between your contacts, making it easy to manage your personal and professional interactions. With complex search options that you can save and reuse at any time, Conoto makes keeping track of your relationships a breeze.

Upgrade your relationship management today with Conoto.

on iPhone on Mac



      Have all basic details at a glance



      Over 100 pre-created fields to store contact's details




      Create 2-way relationships between contact cards



      Go beyond

      Define personality and physical traits



      Create micronotes

      Take infinite notes on people



      Attach people

      Each note can be attached to 1 or many persons, or none



      Write in style

      Automatically recognize links, emails and markdown synthax



      Sort like you want

      Choose between 4 different sortings



      Red is hot

      Quickly see what's important with color sorting



      Action items

      Know what you have to do for who



      Set reminders

      Never use your calendar for what it is not made for




      See it like you want it



      Save your searches

      Create searches and save them for later use.



      Advanced searches

      Who do I need to catch up with? Who are my compassionate friends?




      Results are showed by type of items

  • Private, safe & secure

    Lighting fast. No internet connection required. No sign up. Everything is encrypted and stored on your device

  • Easy export

    Share vCard with only professional or personal details, or both

  • Easy import

    Import and enrich your existing contacts

  • Demo data

    Test our app with demo data before committing

  • Use iCloud

    Save your data on iCloud to automatically synchronize several devices

  • Dark & light themes

    Customize the UI and the sorting

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      👋 Hey! Nice to meet you.

      I'm based in San Francisco. I build stuff that I need and that I use. If they work for me, they might work for you too.
      Check my other current projects on

      I built Conoto using the native Apple toolkit (Xcode/Swift, Core Data and CloudKit). Security and privacy are my top priorities. Please report any bugs, suggestions and feedback directly in the app > settings, or at

      Feel free to reach out, I love to speak/grab a coffee with fellow dreamers, entrepreneurs, coders, designers, marketers.

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Why I created Conoto.

(short for contacts, notes, todos,
… and more)

(short for contacts, notes, todos, … and more)

Forgetting information about other people, both professionally and personally, make interpersonal relationships less effective.

In a professional setting, forgetting important details about clients or colleagues leads to misunderstandings and a lack of connection, which hinders collaboration and productivity. In a personal setting, forgetting important details about friends and loved ones comes across as disinterest or a lack of effort in the relationship, and makes it more difficult to communicate and connect with those individuals.

To improve interpersonal relationships, both professionally and personally, it's important to make an effort to remember details about the people we care about and to show interest in their lives. By actively listening, asking questions, and making an effort to remember what we are told, we can strengthen our relationships and improve communication with others.

The problem with the current tools is that either they are:

- too complex (who likes to use a CRM?),
- too expensive,
- too dependent on an internet connection (too slow to open, data saved on servers, thus privacy/security not guaranteed),
- or you have to juggle between different apps and put information in multiple places.

Using apps like Apple contacts + notes + reminders + iCal

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Using a CRM like Pipedrive

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Using a “second brain” tool like Obsidian

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Using a workspace like Notion

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Using a notebook (yes, paper!) or a virtual notebook

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I decided to create the ideal tool for myself (and hopefully for you too).

Conoto helps me in remembering what is meaningful and improving my professional and personal relationships.

Conoto app addresses my concerns and meets my needs:

- Developed to operate off-line at the core (i.e. private, safe and secure)
- Lightning quick (no need to connect to the internet, no need to load heavy files or media)
- Optional free backup and synchronization via Apple iCloud. (You don't have to trust me or any other company; just Apple. And if you don't trust Apple's infrastructure, I'm afraid I can't help you.)
- A central location for my contacts (with more details than any other app (such as physical and personality traits, notes, todos/reminders/action items, and relationships between my contacts).
- Very complex searches that I can save and reuse at any time.

For all of these reasons, I made the switch and now handle everything about people (including my personal notes and tasks) on Conoto.

Conoto has undergone extensive testing on iPhone 14 Pro/iOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.2. If you have a different setup, please let me know if you find any bugs.

If you made it there, I appreciate your help. Follow me and Conoto on Twitter for updates.